The new Fila Brasil x Alexandre Pavão collab, is iconic and unique.

The launch film brings different environments. The characters are transported
to the Fila Museum, then to a game setting that takes after Alexandre Pavão's
universe representation, highlighting the accessories in the collection.

To bring realism and an immersive feeling. The project used techniques like 3D,
composition, tracking, and a motion graphics HUD application that links the scenes.


Creative Direction: Alexandre Pavão; Ally Fukumoto; André Porto Alegre
Photographyc Direction: Lucio Almeida
Executive Producer: Ramon Mattos
Photography: Giovanna Gebrim
Still's Composition: Vinícius Goulart
Contact: Kauany Cheren
VFX Supervision: Miguel SacomanoAndré Gallego
Composition: Mateus Perpétuo; Ander Noise; André Gallego
Matchmovie: Lucas Coutinho
Motiongraphics: Daniel Salles;  Mateus Perpétuo
Colorization: Mateus Perpétuo
3D Artists: Ângelo Marinho; Guilherme Valverd; Miguel Sacomano;  Rick Costa
Storyboard: Rubens Gomes
Sound: Bragi Audio

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